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ECFC | Agence Coste Architectures
1984 : François Coste, architect and urban planner creates the Montpellier Coste Workshop Architects • 1990: After graduating, Emmanuel Coste work in Morocco.
1994 : Elected to the Board of the College of Architects, he contributes to the promotion of architectural quality
1998-2000 : E.COSTE teaches at the School of Architecture of Languedoc- Roussillon and Consultant for the Agency Quality Construction (AQC)
1996 : Winner of Europan 4 competition E.COSTE decided to install an office in Paris and called "Agency Coste Architectures"
1999 : André ARIOTTI and Renaud DELPLANQUE join the team
Associes | Agence Coste Architectures
2002 : The agency Coste won several projects, pools and aquatic centers. It will now be reckoned with in this specialty.
2007 : On a request by the famous photographer engaged in 
 ecology Yann Arthus-Bertrand, E.COSTE designed "La Bonne Maison ®", the first economical and energy efficient home.
2009 : Construction of the agency's headquarters in Paris. The "Natural Building Positive ®" is the first real building BEPOS (Positive Energy).
2010 : Construction of the « Maison Canopée ®" ecological and zero energy
2011 : First international projects, including the Olympic pool Koutio in New Caledonia.
2013 : Opening of an office in China and construction of the Montpellier school in Chengdu.
2014 : The agency Coste won the first BIM gold for the digital model of the aquatic center in Saint Nazaire.
2015 : Opening of an agency in Algiers and development projects in Algeria.


Coste design buildings and facilities all over France and worldwide.

From the first rough draught to the final blueprint, Coste Architecture architects are constantly focussed on concept and design.

The buildings, schools, stadiums and swimmings pools resulting from their inspiration are creative, innovative, original and fit in perfectly with their environment.
With the wealth of 30 years of experience, Coste Architecture is a major player in contemporary design and building.
Over 30 projects studied in 2013 / 15 currrent construction 3 - 25 million euro budgets.
All types of work : new buildings, restructuring, extentions, refurbishment.


Real experts in eco-architecture, Coste use their specialist skills in the design of large facilities and buildings. From site selection and orientation of the building, the optimisation of its energy potential (solar energy, geothermic energy, insulation), use of innovative materials with a low carbon footprint.

Our eco-architectural approach, means that Coste Architecture projects are in osmosis with the environment, and have amongst the lowest energy and water consumption levels in the world.
This makes environmentally responsible development possible.

With several remarkable constructions under his belt, Emmanuel Coste is one of the most recognised architects in this domaine. He worked notably with Yann Arthus-Bertrand for the programme VU DU CIEL